Our best kept secrets for a perfect brew


Open your adventure proof pouch.


Rip open your epic drip filter.


Fit to your favourite mug.


Fill with hot water 3-4 times.


Dispose responsibly, take it home.

Tips From The Makers

It takes a while to perfect your brew, but we've had a little practice - so here's what we know.

- It's not a tea bag, even though it may resemble one, rip that top off.

- Try not to let your drip bag sit in the water. Water needs to flow through the filter for your coffee to brew.

- Don’t forget to give your coffee a stir before drinking to allow all the flavour notes to infuse every sip!

Want a stronger brew?

The slower you brew your coffee, the stronger it will be. Wait up to 1min between refills of your drip filter to get the full kick.

Want a weaker brew?

Remove your Epic Drip Filter after following the brewing process, then add extra hot water.

Want to do your part to be a tidy kiwi?

Once you're done sipping your new favourite cup of coffee, empty the contents of the coffee on the nearest patch of grass, all coffee grounds are fully compostable - the plants will love you! Take your empty drip filter along with the two strips you have ripped off and place inside the open pouch to take home.