Our new and improved Overland Roast is a smooth decadent brew for every adventure.




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Here at Epic Coffee, we’re proud to offer a range of top-notch coffee products to fuel your adventures. Whether you’re looking for coffee gift ideas for the adventure lover, NZ drip coffee to enjoy on the go, or quality beans to enjoy at home, we’ve got something to suit your needs.

Our Epic Drip Filters are fully sealed and designed to withstand any adventure. Brewed in just five easy steps, all you need is a mug and hot water (milk and sugar are optional) to create a damn good tasting drip coffee in the NZ outdoors. Just open your adventure proof pouch, rip open your Epic Drip Filter, fit it into your mug, fill with hot water, and allow it to drain through three to four times. Finally, take it home and dispose of it responsibly.

We also offer our roasted beans in 250g bags for you to enjoy at home. Choose from a range of single-origin specialty coffee roasts available in a variety of grinds to suit your brewing needs whether you're after a perfect espresso, plunger grind or filter coffee.

Want that same top-notch coffee taste without the caffeine or chemicals typically used in the processing of decaf coffee? Our Voyage Roast is 100% chemical-free, decaffeinated coffee.

Not sure which roast to take on your next adventure? Looking for the perfect gift for an adventure lover or extreme sports enthusiast? Our Epic Gift Pack is the perfect coffee gift idea or taste tester as it contains a selection of our most popular roasts.